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Hi, I'm Ashmeet! I am an Entrepreneur turned Life & Business Coach helping people get clear about what they want and walk forward on that path with acceptance, resilience, and curiosity. In my journey as a social entrepreneur previously, I realised that pursuing something I felt passionate about and believed in wasn't enough when it came to feeling fulfilled or happy. My company (I Say Organic) became a prominent and trusted brand for organic food in India, but my attention was always on what it was yet to achieve. This led to an existential crisis, immense self-doubt, and it completely burnt me out. What this experience taught me was that I needed to shed all concepts of how I, others, or things "ought" to be, and connect with what I truly wanted, and to trust that... and to learn to accept mistakes with humour. Or as I like to say, to Fuck up with Joy.

I realised that while many of my strengths could be used to create successful businesses, what truly got me excited was facilitating inner growth and learning for others. I followed my intuition, and my mission now is to help people unlearn beliefs that create stress and discontent, and to instead trust and be guided by their highest intentions. This takes both curiosity and courage, and I believe it is the foundation of living intentionally, authentically, and joyfully. I work with individuals as well as organisations.

On my personal journey, I am committed to cultivating more consciousness, meaning and play in my life everyday. Some of the things and topics I love most are Mindfulness, Plant-based food, Nature & Mountains, Non-duality, Sustainability & Planet-friendly technologies, Entrepreneur well-being, and Conscious Relationships.

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Ashmeet Kapoor

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