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I am a London-based aerialist, contemporary dancer/choreographer; multidisciplinary wellbeing practitioner and instructor of pilates, yoga and aerial yoga. I lead workshops and run both training courses and retreats both here in the UK and internationally.

I have 20 years experience in various mind body practices including yoga (hatha, ashtanga, vinyasa flow), pilates and contemporary dance. I teach vinyasa flow with a focus on core strength and flexibility and on promoting self-expression, body toning and deep body-mind connections. As a yoga therapist for mental health, depression and anxiety, I trained with the Minded Institute and have developed techniques in pilates and free/flow/improvised movement to stimulate the body, release stress, and calm the nervous system.

I am a founder, artistic director, choreographer, performer and producer of the award winning LCP Dance Theatre company which raises awareness around human rights through performing arts. In 2018 I also launched a new initiative, the  Social Arts Festival, an annual event for artists to address human, political and social issues though performance. Both LCP and the Social Arts Festival are not-for-profit organisations, which I support through sponsorship of my business FlowMove – a movement academy focusing on organic moving meditation and providing online and offline wellbeing courses, teacher trainings, workshops and retreats in aerial, yoga, dance, barre and pilates.

Joanna Puchala

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