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Hey, my name is Agneta. I have known Gary for a few years now and what he does inspires me. Perhaps he saw a light in me too and invited me to join his group which is a great honor. I work as a house assistant for a Turkish family- starting with dog walking to anything else they need. For a long while now I have felt that I have bigger calling so I have started to join Tony Robbins courses such as New World, New You and Unleash The Power Within, and continuing on with his Inner Circle. His teaching has helped me to see the side of me that also wants to help people even if it’s only to listen to you, and if it helps I'm happy of course to share my story and things I have learnt on my journey. I believe dogs rock, physical and mental are the most important to start an amazing life, and music still brings people together.

Agneta Liepina

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