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Sharkey and Friends Health and Wellness

Coaches Day 2021

June 5th




Last Spring Ruben, Louisa and I had a first Sharkey and Friends Away Day and it was such fun we thought we’d do it again this year, but inviting a few more friends. Mainly it’s just a day out together, but we’re planning also some activities we hope you’ll enjoy. 


We hope you’ll enjoy meeting old and new friends and we hope also to come out of the day with some ideas for collaborations and other activities we might do during the year.


We’ll take care of costs and logistics, just asking you: 1) to come and have fun and 2) to spend a few minutes before the date filling in a short questionnaire with some background about you and your coaching. 


Coach Info Sheet



Any ideas or suggestions, let us know!


The SAF Directors (Gary, Ruben, Louisa)



  • 10:00 Meet at Kenwood House (NW3 7JR)

  • 10:15 SAF Intro

  • 10:30 Body: Yoga

  • 11:45 Planet: Hike to Parliament Hill

  • 12:30 Mind: Meditation

  • 12:45 Walk to London School of Mosaic (NW3 2HP)

  • 13:00 Lunch at Mother at the Mosaic

  • 14:00 Spirit: Co-creation

  • 15:00 Close, Tour and intro to LSoM, Mosaic Making

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