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Emerging from lockdown: how can we help?

We often get asked what sort of coaches we work with at Sharkey and Friends. What do you think? What do you think of when you think of someone who is "well" and "healthy?"

Having skills in a wide range of areas can help people live healthy lives. While experts may refer to eight, nine, or even more dimensions of wellness, we've found that most of our coaches tend to work in four related areas:

Body - physical wellness The majority of our coaches are working to help people develop skills for physical wellness. Helping people build strength, mobility, and flexibility. Sharing lessons around nutrition, personal care, sleep. Mind - mental and emotional wellness Physical wellness, for many of our coaches, is closely related to mental and emotional wellness. Alongside physical practices, we work to help clients build skills around areas like gratitude, confidence, stress and sleep. Spirit - social and spiritual wellness A healthy outlook towards ourselves and others is essential for overall health and wellbeing. Beyond disciplines like yoga, meditation and tai chi, our coaches also work on areas like mindfulness, purpose and resilience. Planet - environmental wellness We care and coach a lot about environmental wellness: the way you feel about, respect, support and protect the world around you. We help clients understand how wellbeing is impacted by the natural environment and take steps individually to make a more positive difference. Which of these areas do you feel are your strongest? Which areas would you like to work on?

Which are helping you most through lockdown and how?

We know how important resilience and wellbeing will be to a thriving journey out of lockdown. If these questions feel like something you want to work on, either individually or with your teams, we would love to hear from you.

Similarly, if you're a coach and want to collaborate in the coming months, we're always looking for opportunities. Find us on Instagram, or email me directly at


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