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I obtained my yoga teacher training qualification in December 2017 at Nada Yoga School in Rishikesh, India. I have been practicing yoga for over 9 years and am always on a path of continuous learning and discovery. My classes are focused on making one curious about discovering their authentic self and unlocking their full potential. My aim is to introduce yoga techniques and practices one can apply to help themselves achieve this.

I share the view of my yoga teachers and many others that: "There are no divisions in yoga styles. There is only yoga adapted to the needs of each unique person. There is only one brand of yoga and it is Yoga." While my training is in traditional kundalini yoga (not Yogi Bhajan), it covered all aspects of yoga, and so I structure my sessions to include a combination of: pranayama (breathing) exercises, asanas (postures), including varying degree of flow or kriyas, relaxation and/or meditation. I also aim to bring elements of philosophy and theory into the class where time allows (more achievable for longer sessions or workshops/courses).

I am a passionate and active advocate of living in harmony with nature and a long-term and versatile natural healing practitioner and I blend these aspects into my yoga practice and teaching.

Lucia Dragan

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